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Rubber Suspension Kit

Power Your Vehicles Suspension, SAVE Your Cars Shock Absorber.

* Drive Over deep potholes, bumps, unpaved, bad roads smoothy even with heavy load.

* Enjoy extreme driving comfort and safety like never before.

* Decreaced lending force on the wheels, enabling the shock absorber to increase cushioning effect

* Suitable for all types / model of vehicles with coild spring shock absorber

* Installed on the Coild spring to support the suspension and enhance comfortable driving and safety when passsing over speed breakers, rough / bumpy and rocky roads.


Polyurethane Automobile Parts

As we are living in plastic era the utility of plastic product and industrial parts made from polyurethane are increasing day to day. At this context, we would like to offer following Polyurethane Products and other plastic products

We are dedicated to provide excellent quality materials so it should reflect in the final product's quality. We are committed to incorporate only the best of raw materials and use latest technology to produce the best.

We got state of the art infrastructure and equipped with the latest machines to serve the best to our privileged customers.

We have a team of well-qualified personnel who are committed towards quality in everything they do.

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